This past weekend was the Super Bowl. The 1 day of the year when 112 million people get together to watch the best of the best. Most of the players brought their A-game, but there can only be one winner, right?

There were highs and lows. Memorable moments, and some we just can’t un-see. Half time entertainment and weeks of hype leading up to the big day. But I’m not talking about the football game. I’m referring to the commercials.

A single ad spot costs about $5 million. And that’s before the advertier pays an agency for coming up with a zinger of a commercial that will be the talk of water coolers for the next year. Yet, so many advertisers had the most forgetable ads. We may be talking about puppy monkey baby, but how many remember what the ad was for?

There were several great spots for cars, but in some cases I remember the ad, but can’t remember which car it was for. Except the Subaru Dog Tested ad, and only because I’ve watched it several times because it was my personal favorite.

So what message does your marketing deliver? Do you send a susinct and memorable message that resonates with your customers? When you have an opportunity such as the super bowl, or any time you’re trying to reach your target customer, don’t blow it with puppy monkey babies. Bring your A-game.