We all like to be communicated with in different ways. Some of us are more plugged in to the Internet or social networks. Others prefer direct marketing in the way of email campaigns. Still others are traditional and prefer magazines and newspapers. A strategic marketing campaign addresses all of your customers’ preferences.

But if you are only focusing on one marketing tactic, you may be missing a key market segment. In other words if you put all your eggs in one marketing basket, some day those eggs may hatch and fly away; otherwise known as attrition.

Basket of eggs on strawI have heard many small business owners who have owned their business for many years, tell me they get all of their business from word of mouth and repeat customers. They believe they don’t need to do anything to get new customers. They’re just fine.

But what happens if these customers move away? Or die? Or find another business who does what you do better, faster, stronger than you? How do you find your target customer then? Or will it be too late?

A potential customer may be looking for just what you offer, but if they can’t find you where and when they are looking, you may lose them to your competition.

So what strategic marketing tasks should you do to find your target customer? 

The first step is to know who your target customer is. What is their buyer persona? What are their hobbies? How do they shop for products?

Next, once you know who your target customer is, you need to come up with strategic marketing plans to get your business in front of them. Even if it isn’t something you would naturally do, you should put some effort into being in their space. Are your customers between the ages of 18-45? Then you better have an active profile on Facebook. If you are you a B2B company then you should be building your network on LinkedIn. In every situation, ensure that you have a well optimized website; 71-89% of consumers begin their research online,

Remember too that your end user may not always be the customer you are trying to reach. For example, nursing homes should not focus all of their marketing efforts towards their elderly patients. But instead to their younger children; many of whom may live out of state and are searching for a place for their parents.

Lastly, to find your target customer and have a well-rounded, strategic marketing campaign, you should test and measure everything. Setting up dedicated phone numbers is relatively inexpensive and are a great way to gauge the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Bit.ly links on web pages can allow you to track click through rates.

Finding your target customer requires knowing who they are, are being readily available to them when they are ready to buy. The question is, can your target customer find you?