Dental floss isn’t an effective oral hygiene plan. Sure it might give you healthy teeth and gums, but you are missing out on removing plaque and other debris that might cause cavities.

A magnifying glass isn’t a vision plan. First of all, who wants to carry this around with them, unless you’re Sherlock Holmes, of course. But magnifying glasses are meant for one vision problem. Since there aren’t one-size fits all vision problems, you can’t apply a one-size fits all solution.

So what marketing strategies are in your marketing plan? Facebook isn’t a marketing plan. It’s like going to the dentist and asking him to only floss your teeth. It isn’t a complete program. And if your customers aren’t on Facebook, then you’re using a magnifying glass but not finding any business with it.

Creating a comprehensive marketing plan requires three things:

  • Know your customer
  • Know your competition
  • Know yourself


Developing a buyer persona will allow you to think long and hard about the type of person buying your products or services. Is it primarily a male or female? Young or old? Are they well educated? Employed? Have hobbies? What keeps them up at night and how will your product or service help to solve their problems. Make your marketing efforts about them, not you. And knowing who your customer is will help you to understand what and where to market yourself.


Do you know who your competition is? Don’t say “everyone” or “no one”. Every business has around 5 direct competitors. Even if they don’t sell the same products or services as you, you may be in competition with an alternative product or service. Did you know that your competition’s biggest weakness is your biggest strength? Being able to identify what makes you different from your competition will determine how to craft your marketing message.

Your Company

Everyone thinks their product or service is the best. But it’s not about being the best. It’s about being unique. Think McDonald’s. You have something special and a story to tell. Identifying what this is and focusing on your brand and not everyone else will keep you laser focused on selling your unique product or service. These answers will help you to understand why you are important to help your customers.

Once you have identified the answers to who, what, where, how and why, you will have created a comprehensive marketing strategy that isn’t one-size fits all and will create lasting results.