BE Prepared – Is your Marketing GPS Software Updated?

BE Prepared – Is your Marketing GPS Software Updated?


Spring Break is coming up and families all across the country will be hitting the highway.   I am the youngest of four children and every summer when I was little, my parents would pile all four of us, plus two dogs, into our brown station wagon with the wood paneling, towing a pop up Starcraft camper and we would drive from Chicago and head West.  Some summers it was Colorado, sometimes the Grand Canyon. But every summer…West. The kids would fight and sleep, and my mother would scream “Wake up and look at the mountains!”  But my mom and dad did this to expand our horizons and grow our minds.

I didn’t pay attention to the route they took, but I’m certain my mother had a road map. As we got older and AAA came along with their Trip Tiks, my mom could just flip the page as we progressed on our voyage. Now we use a GPS when we take a road trip across country, don’t we?

But how many of us try to grow our companies and navigate the road blocks of the business world without even so much as a compass?  Have you downloaded the latest software for your Magellan in the past year or are you using antiquated software?

Just as important as knowing where you are going,  you need to know how to get there.  And a business plan or a marketing plan is so crucial to keep you prepared and focused the entire route.  If a road block disrupts your path, having alternate routes that have been pre-thought is important to help you shift gears and get you back of the road without having to call for a road ranger.

I recommend writing your marketing plan around October for the coming year, but its never too late to…

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