Empty Baseball FieldBaseball season has begun and the boys of summer are back! Here in South Florida, The Miami Marlins spent hundreds of millions of dollars and players and a new plane for the team. Building a new stadium wasn’t enough. When the Marlines first built their new stadium, attendance was low.

The owners probably thought people would come out to see the new stadium, fall in love with the atmosphere, the food, the fun, and subsequently, the team. But they forgot about one thing. Marketing and branding. “If you build it, he will come.” So they compensated, literally, by buying players, paying some players more, and apparently improving their transportation. Huh?

Today’s business has competition. No angels in the outfield are going to bring customers into your restaurant. You have to reach them through a marketing strategy.

Four marketing ideas that will help drive sales and create repeat customers:
1. Learning about your customers is the first step of marketing campaign for any business. Know how they shop for products and what influences them. Is it price or quality?
2. Another marketing activity is to build a website with search engine friendly content. Include an opt-in section for customers to sign up to receive emails from you.
3. That brings us to email campaigns! Email is not dead and businesses have a 25-35% open rate on email campaigns. But make sure your recipients have opted in to receive your information or you will be just spamming them and may actually turn them off.
4. A social media marketing strategy is necessary for most businesses. With over 1.3 billion users on Facebook, it’s a great opportunity to engage with your customers and build a fan base with your followers. Use this platform to learn about what kinds of things they like or don’t like, handle customer service issues, and promote your specials. A presence on Google+ will also help your local search results when someone is looking for you on search engines.
Opening your doors and having “the friendliest service in town” or saying you’ll “beat anyone’s prices” won’t guarantee your business will succeed. A successful business needs to have a good marketing strategy in order to hit a home run!